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About me...

Hello! My name is Róbert Ďurovič.
I am web developer and programmer. I am interested in information technologies but also I love literature and journalism. Obviously, linguistics is my core bussiness that I studied at university. In my free time I like to ride on my motorbike and travel around the country.

My experience

My original profession is a linguist/journalist. Although I tried job as editor in slovak economic newspaper or writing for smaller web projects, I could't establish a durable job in my profession area. This is the main reason, why I am starting my own projects and seeking to my opportunity on the unlimited internet.

I was coding in HTML and CSS for a years ago, but I reached a higher level just in 2014, when I started to learn JavaScript and PHP. Today, I code in actual standards (HTML5, CSS3, etc.) and trends. Of course, I maximize effectivity and minimize time to finish with various frameworks (Bootstrap / Foundation) with preprocessors (LESS, SASS/SCSS), UX/UI and DRY principes to better tidy code.

Webdesign is more like an art than programming. Instead of this, it is very important to work well with graphic tools like Photoshop or Illustrator. Coding, programming or making a graphics for projects, everything I do on my own.

Now, I am working on my another projects, sometimes for various customers, organisations or companies. You can find all of my finished works in my Portfolio.

My skills





My study

Most of my favorite activities are very close to books, libraries etc., so I decided to study a Slovak language and literature at Masaryk university of Brno. In this case, I am very well oriented in humanistic and philosophic sciences, history and of course, linguistics. It's a good base to another study of languages or corpus linguistics, that is very interesting area of research.

It can sound suprisingly, but language and technology have a really close relationship. In my bachelor thesis 'Slovak national corpus', I described natural language processing by computers, that is obviously called corpus linguistics. It's very helpful not only in linguistic research, but also in robotics, automatic translations and corrections, etc.

However, In my last diploma thesis I chose to describe Trips of Jaroslav Hašek around Slovakia, that is article about famous czech writer and juornalist, who was perfectly portraying a slovak reality of early 20th century in his short satirical novels.